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prawn, cherry tomatoes, capers, jalapeños, lemon w. chilli + tomato base


Chorizo & Prawn**

cherry tomato, jalapeño, capers w. chilli base


Marinated Lamb Fillet**

marinated in oregano & garlic, baby

spinach, feta, pine nuts, green chilli sauce



most 19

some** 21

one*** 23

vegan cheese +2

gluten free (contains egg) +3

All our pizzas are topped with Italian mozzarella and all bases are tomato unless otherwise specified.

Our bases and sauces are vegan, except the aioli. Our BBQ sauce is not gluten free.




Margherita (v)

cherry tomatoes, basil, and bocconcini


Mushroom (v)

olives, basil, truffle oil


Roast Pumpkin (v)

broccolini, taleggio, artichoke purée, pine

nuts, oregano


Goats Cheese (v)

sundried tomatoes, confit garlic, olives, caramelised onions


White Anchovy

cherry tomatoes, confit garlic, capers, parsley w. chilli + tomato base


cherry tomatoes, spanish onion, shaved parmesan, roquette



mint, confit garlic, bocconcini w. chilli + tomato base


salami, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, olives w. chilli + tomato base

Italian Sausage

broccolini, taleggio, artichoke purée, oregano


Smokey BBQ Chicken

spinach, spanish onion, mushrooms, feta, chilli aioli w. garlic + bbq base


pepperoni, bacon, ham, spanish onion, mushroom, chilli aioli w. garlic + bbq base

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